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Mothers for circumcision

Mothers for circumcision is a support group of Brit Yosef Yitzchak that educates and encourages new mothers about the importance of a Brit Milah. Unaffiliated parents of newborns are often apprehensive about having a Brit for their infant. The womenís support group assists them in overcoming their fears by providing information about the professionalism and competency of our staff, guiding them through the steps of the procedure, and by doing last minute activities so that the festive celebration runs smoothly. It is obvious that it takes great courage for a woman to entrust the well being of her infant son in the hands of someone else, and that is why mothers for circumcision is there to attend to all of your needs before, during, and after the Brit.

The role of women in Brit Milah
The role of women in Brit Milah is overlooked because it is a Mitzvah for males, the Mohel and Sandek are men, and Jewish law requires the father (not the mother) of a boy to provide a Brit for his son. The importance of womenís participation dates back to the time of Moshe. When he was returning from Midian, a snake attacked him and was aiming at the area where the Brit Milah is. His wife saw what was happening and realized that this had to do with the fact that their son Eliezer had not had a Brit Milah. As she picked up a sharp stone and quickly circumcised her son, the snake immediately backed off. Today women participate in a bris from the beginning when the childís mother hands the baby to the godmother (kvatterin), placing the child in G-dís care.

If you would like to be a part of Mothers For Circumcision, or would like their support please contact us