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What are Jewish news services saying about the work of Brit Yosef Yitzchak? We've compiled a list of articles from online news sources, that talk about the work of Brit Yosef Yitzchak around the world.

4 Britot Milah, Kaddish, and Funeral
20 Britot Milah: Covenant with G-d
Jewish Tradition Reborn in Tula
6 Britot at Rohr Chabad Center
New Jewish Names in the Omsk Community
14 Boys Celebrate Bris in Belarus
Newborn Baby Undergoes Brit Milah in Belarus
Dual Brit for Siberian Community
5 Britot Milah in Siberian Community
First Baby Bris in 100 Years for Southern Russian City
Seminar Unites Youth from 11 Cities in Southern Russia
10 Undergo Brit Milah in Urals Capital
6 Britot Milah Held in Kazakhstan
6 Britot Milah Held in Kazakhstan
Triple Simcha in Bal Harbor: Brit, Bar Mitzvah, Pidyon Haben
8 Britot Milah for Russian Town
78-Year-Old Man to Have Brit Milah in Moscow
3 Britot Milah in Western Ukraine City
Chief Mohel of Russia Marks 3,500th Brit Milah
Four Undergo Brit Milah in Central Russian Community
Brit #26,121 for Brit Yosef Yitzchak
13 Undergo Brit in Urals Community
13 Undergo Brit Milah in Urals Community
Landmark Brit Ceremony for 4 Jews of Belarus City
Honoring Tradition: 4 Undergo Brit Milah in Siberia
Bar Mitzvah and Brit Milah Celebrated in Central Russian Community
Brit Milah Brings Joy to Families in Central Ukraine
Brit Milah in Ivanovo Sign of Growing Jewish Conscience
Tallinn Celebrates Brit Milah Ceremony for 6
Bashkortostan Capital Hosts Brit Milah Ceremonies
4 Undergo Brit Milah in Southern Russia
Coming in from the Cold: First Baby Brit in 80 Years for Omsk
Bright Return to Jewish Tradition in Central Ukraine
9 Bris Ceremonies Highlight Weekend in Zhitomir
First Adult Brit Milah in Time for Rosh Hashanah
Gan Yisrael Campers Return to Chelyabinsk
Pocket Full of Memories at Gan Israel in Urals Region
4 Boys Undergo Brit Milah in Krivoy Rog
Moscow Mohel Holds Brit for Swedish Boy
25 Jews Undergo Brit Milah in Sochi
Brit Mila Held for Irkutsk Jews: From 7 to 57-years old
Brit Milah for Jews in Dnetprodzerzhinsk
Perm Celebrates Its First Brit Milah Ceremony
Perm Holds Brit Milah for 5 - Teenagers to 72-year-old
Brit for Community's Friend
Brit Milah in Berdichev
Brit Milah: Oldest Man to Undergo Brit
Jewish Leaders in Belarus Set Example
10 Boys Celebrate Bris in Tashkent
Brit Tour in Ukraine
A Cheerful Event in Jewish Community
Brit Milah Ceremony Held in Yekaterinburg
International Youth Seminar Launched in Volgogrod
Son Was His Father's Sandak
Misc Brit Yosef Yitzchak News (Hebrew only)
Brit Leads to Observance in Gibraltar
3 Britot Milah in Poltava, Russia
Misc Brit Yosef Yitzchak News (Hebrew Only)