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Although we are better known for our activities with adults and youths, Brit Yosef Yitzchak is also active in performing Brit Milah for infants. In the case of infants it is most important to contact us as soon as possible after the baby is born so that the Mohel and support staff will be able to schedule their activities accordingly. The Mohel will need to check the baby and coordinate with the obstetrician or pediatrician to be sure that the baby is well enough to undergo a Brit.

The Brit procedure is essentially the same for a male of any age, but certain medical aspects such as types of bandages, may be different. Also, use of general, as opposed to local anesthetic, will depend on the disposition and desires of the child and parent.

Youths are often quite courageous, but at the same time, understandably fearful. It may be useful to arrange a meeting with the Mohel or Brit Yosef Yitzchak educator so that they are better prepared emotionally for the procedure. With the proper frame of mind, they will be proud of the fact that they did it by choice, whereas others had no choice. When they become adults, they will have the advantage of having fond memories of their Brit, and the faith and courage that they displayed as a child.

Brit Yosef Yitzchak is best known for its outreach to adults, by far the largest organization of its kind that gives a Brit Milah free of charge to Jews around the world. The Brit Milah for males of any age is the same, but administration of anesthesia, bandaging, and follow up care may be different for adults. For adults the brit is usually done in the operating room of a cooperating hospital with a qualified surgeon and male nurse in attendance.

Mothers for Mothers is a support group primarily to answer questions from new mothers who are apprehensive about the Brit. Volunteers in the group reassure the mother about the safety and level of competence of the entire staff, and answer questions she might have.Young unaffiliated mothers especially appreciate moral support to shore up their confidence before the day of the Brit. They can also help with arrangements and do last minute errands.

Education is an important activity of Brit Yosef Yitzchak, as it makes known the service we provide, the scope of our activities, and reasons why a Brit must be done by a qualified Mohel. Upon request, the organization will speak with students, Rabbis, Jewish organizations, and synagogues. A video in three languages documents our worldwide activities, and can be sent to interested organizations.

Many Jews who have not yet had a Brit have numerous questions about the procedure and recovery period. Brit Yosef Yitzchak maintains a toll free line, 1-877-brit milah (1-877-274-8645) to answer any questions before or after the bris. Callers are referred to our website, which answers most questions that persons have.

In order to counteract misinformation about Brit Milah, Brit Yosef Yitzchak provides truthful information about the spiritual and health benefits of a proper Brit. Via press releases, an online library, toll free helpline, and educational seminars, we inform prospective clients, Rabbis, students, and the general public about the importance of a proper Brit Milah.

Brit Yosef Yitzchak hosts a conference every year. In an effort to improve our services, the Board invites Rabbis, mohelim, and physicians to discuss their experiences during the prior year. Discussions are lively and informative, and encourage all to work even harder to provide all males the opportunity to have a Brit Milah. Feedback from grateful participants has also resulted in improvements in outreach procedures and techniques.

Brit Yosef Yitzchak will soon publish its first issue of a biannual magazine to demonstrate the scope of our activities, inform prospective clients, and give those who recently came into the Covenant an opportunity to share their experiences. Nearly all youths and adult men who have a Brit increase their participation in Jewish life, and the magazine will give them a forum to document their activity. The publication will also illustrate the degree and vast geographic range of our activities ---- on an average day, a total of 10 to 15 brissim are performed in countries on five continents.

It takes courage and devotion for a grown man to submit to Brit Milah, but those who do so are truly grateful for the opportunity. Past participants often wish to express their gratitude by advising and encouraging others, and the support group gives them a forum to do so.

Voluntarily accepting three Mitzvah of Brit Milah is often the first major step in a manís quest for Jewish identity. As part of its mission. Many of the adults are recent arrivals in Israel or the United States, others still live in poorer countries, and cannot yet afford to buy the paraphernalia that enables them to identify with their heritage. Brit Yosef Yitzchak provides them with tefillin, a siddur, mezuzahs, a talis, and tzitzis, and books so that they can continue strengthening their bond with Judaism.